Asian American Alumni Association

Association's Mission Statement:

The Asian American Alumni Association is a voluntary team of UCONN Alumni dedicated to creating a community for those interested in and identifying with Asian, Pacific Islander, and Asian American culture. This can include hosting events for Alumni engagement, creating mentorship connections between alumni and current students, advocating for issues important to the community, and fundraising and supporting the UCONN Asian American Cultural Center. 

The Association is sponsored & supported by the UCONN Foundation. The Association is a separate entity from the UCONN Asian American Cultural Center (AsACC), however is strongly connected with AsACC.

General Body Members:

The Association will also include General Body members that can sign up to be a part of General Body meetings, volunteer at events, and be a part of any teams (Communications, Media, Resource & Finance, & Administration). Any General Body member can submit ideas and be a part of brainstorming for events. General Body members also have the ability to raise concerns to the Association Co-Chairs in the event of Chair negligence of duties or gross misconduct (see Termination Clauses section).

UCONN AsACC is on Facebook - UConn AsACC Facebook page - please sign on and keep up with the latest AsACC news!