Alumni Spotlight

At AsACC, we are one community. The staff at the cultural center has been interviewing UConn alumni who has been involved with the center's programs, affiliated organizations. We have been interviewing alumni since 2014. Click on the images below or the links on the side to check out what our AsACC alumni has been up to!

Current Alumni Spotlight
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Michael Nelson | Class of 2010 | Mathematical Statistics Major


Past Alumni Spotlights

Rebeccah Slate | Class of 2011 | Finance Major, Asian American Studies Minor

Clinton Lo-Lau | Class of 2010 | Psychology Major, Business Minor

Gina Shah | Class of 2013 | Pharmacy Doctorate

Kiana Cao | Class of 2018 | Graphic Design Major, Art History Minor

Edward Masse | Class of 2017 | Chinese Major

Vu Tran | Class of 2007 | Chemistry Major, Sociology Minor

Kristine A. Din | Class of 2009 | Molecular and Cell Biology Major, Sociology 

Navi Cheema | Class of 2013 | Business Management Major, Public Policy Minor

Jimmy Tang | Class of 2011 | Finance Major

Fahd Vahidy | Class of 1995 | Human Development Major

Anna Lee | Actuarial Science Major

Lien La | Class of 2013 | Allied Health Sciences Major, Psychology Minor

Arsal Shah | Class of 2019 | Biological Sciences, Psychology Minor