Mentor Resources


Mentors must be full-time undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.9/4.0.; and have been at the Storrs Campus for at least one year.

A. Attendance of trainings and retreats.
–Spring Retreat 2023 – April 2023
–Fall Retreat 2023 on August 2023
       –Asian/Asian American Kickoff on Sunday, August 27, 2023
–Attend an approximately 30 minute long meeting with the AMP coordinators towards the end of the semester (Date: TBD)

–Mid-Year Mentor Conference (MYMC)/ Spring Kickoff in January/February 2024 – TBD

B. Maintain regular contact with your mentees
–Meet with your assigned mentees a minimum of 4 times per semester
–Complete required reports on UConntact after each meeting

C. Enroll in AASI 3995/INTD 3998: The Asian American Experience (required for new mentors.)
–AASI 3995/ INTD 3998 is a 3-credit class offered in the Fall semester
–Class meeting date/time TBD

D. Meet with the AMP Coordinators
–Schedule at least 1 one-on-one meeting with the AMP Coordinators per semester

F. Attend a minimum of 4 Events; 3 AMP times, and 1 WRAAPN event per semester.
–Fill out attendance forms (at respective AMP Time event) & AMP Time Google forms

— Fill out attendance forms (at respective WRAPPN office) & WRAPPN Google forms for AMP

I. Act as a role model and resource to all mentors and mentees.

J. Other duties as assigned.

–>Attend Fall Asian/Asian American Kick-Off (Date: August 27th, 2023)
–> Meet with your AMP Mentor at least 4 times per semester
–>Attend ‘AMP Time!’ Events per semester
–>Attend an approximately 30 minute long meeting with the AMP coordinators and other mentees towards the end of the semester (Date: TBD)
–>Attend Spring Kick-Off (Date: TBD, beginning of the Spring semester)





  1. Going to the UConn Dairy Bar
  2. Going to Downtown Storrs to check out one of the shops/restaurants there
  3. Going to the UConn Ice Skating Rink together
  4. Going off-campus to the mall or to WalMart or a restaurant or bowling or mini golf or Six Flags or to a city like Boston or NYC or Hartford…etc.!
  5. Attending a UConn concert
  6. Attending a performance/play at Jorgensen together
  7. Doing Oozeball together
  8. Attending a food fundraiser with your mentees
  9. Go on an Alternative Spring Break or any Alternative Break trip together! (Do a community service project together)
  10. Playing Frisbee, or tennis, or other sports together
  11. Going to every dining hall in one day or over the course of a week
  12. Doing a Campus Tour of all of their classes
  13. Helping them move in on Friday (or Saturday)
  14. Attending an athletic event together (Soccer game, Football game, Basketball game, Hockey game, etc.)
  15. Attending an acapella concert together
  16. Attending LipSync together
  17. Attending Homecoming Parade together
  18. Creating a Facebook group or message thread with you and all of your mentees
  19. Meeting up at least once a week at the same time/day of the week
  20. Studying together in the library
  21. Going to AMP Events together!
  22. Going to AsACC or WRAAP Events together
  23. Going to Late Night together
  24. Cooking together at AsACC!
  25. Joining a Student Organization together or at least going to the first intro meeting together
  26. Going to the first LipSync Dance Practice together
  27. Going to a game room together
  28. Having phone calls with your mentees (if you can’t meet up that week or that day)
  29. Going to Horsebarn Hill or Mirror Lake to have a picnic
  30. Creating a “UConn Bucket List” and completing it together
  31. Going to the gym (badminton or basketball, etc.)
  32. Planning activities with other mentors and their mentees
  33. Visiting all of the cultural centers together with your mentees
  34. Based on your mentee’s hobbies, check out a student organization or way to explore that hobby together (if they like drawing, check out Art Club; if they like piano, check out the Music Building!, etc.)
  35. If you feel comfortable, introduce your mentees to your friends at UConn!
  36. Get Grab and Go Together AND THEN go on a picnic
  37. When it’s time to pick classes, pick them together so you can help them out
  38. Go sledding together on snow days
  39. Go to Midnight Breakfast together
  40. Going to Asian Nite together